Dansk Stålmontage designs and produces silo and containers for various purposes.

For example, this 100 m³ sludge silo was designed and produced for SK Spildevand. The silo was commissioned in 2014.

The silo is mounted on a steel structure with access routes all the way around and on top of the silo.

The top of the silo is fitted with a distributor spiral that extends the full length of the bin, ensuring that the silo can be filled 100%.

Rotating axles

The base has rotating axles to ensure that the contents are pushed out of the discharge apertures if the contents have become compacted, or if a sticky mass requires some persuasion to exit the silo.

The silo is designed with eight discharge apertures blocked by special off-centre mounted gates to ensure completely secure closing.

High quality silos

The silos can be supplied as desired with electronics, weighing cells, reversing sensors for lorries, control distribution spirals, axles and gates.

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